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What kind of game? What genre, platform, etc.
If I remember right, it was on multiple platforms, but I remember seeing it on an xbox 360, I think. It's been a lot of years. If I remember right it was either First Person shooter or Third person shooter. Portal 2's "Perpetual Testing Initiative" has a throwaway line in reference to the game. About people forming adventuring parties and smashing through the hull of the satellite into the vacuum of space.
The game's plot was centered around the mystery of waking up in this high tech place and not knowing what was going on or why... and revealing that plot as you went along. The twist was kind of a let down, but I remember the gameplay itself being a pretty amazing spectacle of debris and people flying across skyboxes as part of normal gameplay due to the gravity thing.
Is it SOMA? I haven't played it but Frictional Games often comes up with characters waking up in weird places without memories... and remembering stuff as they explore further.

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