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The Stranger
The Stranger
Got a drunk veteran to finally care about his son, as well as start a war against a gang, by devouring his son. lol. You only know what you had once it's gone. xD
I second that vote xD
The Stranger
The Stranger
It really was amazing just how much you could influence the characters in each district by chowing down on those related to them. That could've been the whole game; it's definitely the most praised part of it. Fighting nurse Pipa, who had joined the Guard of Priwen because I had fed upon her boyfriend, the ambulance driver, was fantastic.
The Stranger
The Stranger
You could change so much. It's a shame that the parts in-between all of that were so bland and pointless. It's like you had two very different games. You had this interesting social, gothic horror game, and then you had this bland, soulsborne inspired dungeon crawler game.
The Stranger
The Stranger
In the hospital hub, you can drain an elderly doctor, Corcoran, which seems to have a positive effect on one of the nurses by making her the first woman doctor in that hospital. However, even though she's proud of becoming the first woman doctor, she expresses grief over the loss of her friend and mentor.

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Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars RPG Maker music pack WIP. Symphony Celestia is a new series that focuses on symphonic and orchestrated music to tell a story. Each story will include compositions that make up that story from beginning to end. Themes include: Battles, adventures, character themes, etc. Below is a video preview to the first story.

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