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My brother keeps saying," Women in his story act crazy because women are crazy." That's one way to make sure that the only woman in his life will be the retirement caregiver nurse that has to change his bedpan.
I have uploaded my Pastel Life tileset to MV resources on the forum.
The set is made to be Easy to Edit and absolutely Child Friendly.

The set is far from finished, so there will be updated coming up...
Here is a little preview, though.
Should've seen this coming, but if I wanted players crafting equipment, I should also have a bestiary ready.

C'mon Marx, you played Monster Hunter...!
After a long absence I am back
Sigh gonna have to scrap a big thing for my battle system but that's fine, I can event it all just gonna take more time than I'd like. But that just leaves room for more cosmetic stuff so it's not the worst thing in the world.

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