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Windows i7
Windows i7
Weird. Status usually refers to current HP, special conditions like poison etc. Stats is where you generally find totals.
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
It can be short for both.
Kuro DCupu
Kuro DCupu
Special conditions like poisoned, buff or debuff is called "States"

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I always thought I was just really, really bad at communication, then the internet proceeds to say "lol no".
Almost 100,000 Threads! We should make a celebration. Make a 100K logo? :p
Cursed problem: Multiple language switches. Say, you want to switch to EN language from JP but you have no idea where the language switch in JP menu language.
Tonight I'm finally going to start putting the dungeons my team has made on grid paper into the engine. That's the final step of making the game world.
Yay! My new Doomsday machine..... er... "Heroic" machine is ready!
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