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The Stranger
The Stranger
Locke and Key? Never heard of it. Is it one of those things that shoves real magic into the modern world? Have you ever watched The Last Witch Hunter? I thought that was good. I liked how magic and witches were hidden in the modern world in a more gritty manner. Kinda reminded me of vampire the Masquerade.
Apparently L&K is based off of a comic, but I haven't done much research. It seems to revolve around a house that has mystical keys with various powers. Problem is in the show, everyone who discovers this is totally ok with it in less than a minute.
One MC used a key to enter a space that represented her memories. Another MC went with her, discovering this for the first time. Within 60 seconds, in the 'memory world', they began casually talking about school problems
The Stranger
The Stranger
lol! Most people would probably end up having a mental breakdown. Quite a few people attempt to rationalise their way out of things they can't comprehend or understand, and if that fails, they start trying to deny it's even happening. They shouldn't just roll with it as if it's totally normal and expected. xD
The Stranger
The Stranger
*walks into dimension made up of personal memories* So, big test coming up on Monday. Best figure things out before then so I have enough time to study.
Lol she does the rounds on original Netflix Horror shows, and while I'm sure they're out there, I've never seen a good one. Bad CGI is making a huge comeback, and while some of the stories have potential, the acting seems universally bad. I get that B acting has been a mainstay of Horror, but I've never felt like it was on purpose....

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