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Honestly it sounds pretty decent to me. I think the biggest problem is there is 100+ sound/music packs on the main site. So any new music is just buried, combine that with fact that if the music isn't of the correct genre for a person's game, and it's little wonder you didn't sell many.
But for whatever it's worth, it's not like it won't be available for each new RM sale or even new RM Software. So over time it could still turn a profit. :LZSwink:
Don't be that harsh to yourself, it is definitly not bad and from what I listened to in the preview it seemed to be good and useful music.
I hope you still continue with it, I think your pack is great and more fitting for RPG Maker than most music DLCs.
Would like to see/hear more Battle BGM in 90s Style.
Good Battle BGMs are really rare, I bought so many Packs...there not bad, but the battle bgm are often just not good or suitable.

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