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Personally, I'd say so. In some ways thinking of how a story will flow can generate ideas for dungeons, party and NPC dialogue, etc. I can totally see it being too much at times, but it can be a double-edged sword that works to your advantage. I daydream about my characters and games when I'm walking or at work (and I walk everywhere), which serves at least as a rough draft for bits and pieces of projects.
Black Pagan
Black Pagan
I would first notice the Game-play, Battle system and Graphics. I wouldn't care about the Story, I just skip them in most of the Games.

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I was planning to release a useless plugin for april fools, but then I thought I let it be.
Tfw every dev around me is using Live2D in their MV games and make me question my skills repeatedly.

Spending the day reworking my maps, especially the first "biome". This time it's not even in the dark. :LZSwink:
Activity on the forums has increased lately, probably because of people staying home. The amount of work for moderators has increased lol.

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