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I heard that its actually even illegal to block your access as they scan your browser and information, at least in my country there has been a little talk about that years ago.
I hate it too, disgusts me tbh..
Benny Jackdaw
Benny Jackdaw
I think that is a gripe we can all share.

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I'm getting close to releasing a demo. Working on formatting my Games in Development post.
I always see a few people asking for C# in next engine and I always thought: Do I not know enough about that language to tell it will affect extensibility and customizability to the negative? Watching a video from SumRndmDde today I feel confirmed.
If you had some musical requests in line with me.. feel free to re post! Corona has killed me and have recently got my internet back <3
I'm now working on procedural generated World Maps for my own project.
Is there anyone who's interested in having this Plugin for his own game?
I have a dream where RMer are not blinded and too dependant on published script / plugins...

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