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The Stranger
The Stranger
Seriously, just watched some woman with a small child cross without looking and nearly get hit. The driver had to swerve out of the way to avoid crashing into them. She was looking down at something, couldn't see what, but she didn't check to see if cars were coming or anything. Just walked right out into oncoming traffic.
Amane Kagari
Amane Kagari
People these days are too distracted not just while walking but driving too. Lawmakers in our state just recently rolled out a really strict distracted driving law, which can result in steep fines after the end of March's grazing period. And I believe lawmakers in New York City tried to make a law regarding distracted walking but I think it was struck down because people were afraid of "government overreaching".
Amane Kagari
Amane Kagari
Well, I think there should be laws like that. I mean I too am tired of not only seeing distracted drivers but distracted walkers too. Occasionally though, I am guilty of it but usually when I cross the street. I am extremely cautious. (In my city it's mainly the distracted drivers that nearly gets us killed.)
Amane Kagari
Amane Kagari
I have to get on and off the trolley on a street stop, which means no stations and dodge traffic almost daily with crazy drivers who really don't care about all those posted signs and the loud trolley horns or even the engineer yelling and screaming at (even scolding) them. x_x'
Kuro DCupu
Kuro DCupu
The invention of smartphone

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