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The Stranger
Those came out when I was a kid. People thought it was cool and fun to pour an insufficient amount of salt into a packet of crisps, then eat your still unsalted crisps. Have they made a return? I'll tell you what is old, finding £5, £10, or £20 notes in your pack of Walker's crisps. Why don't we get money in our junk food anymore? xD

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FREE RPG Maker Ready Glowing Ball Animation
Enjoy -No Credit Needed But Appreciated -
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Ugh....When you spend hours doing something and then end up scrapping the idea >.<
Random joke of the day: This morning a man wearing a face mask robbed a supermarket in the town center. So far the police has arrested 240 suspects.
Hosting competitions using your game is always so nerve wracking!!!
Social distancing is great, apart from trying to work from home while the guy up the road now has ample time and apparently the only way to fill it is to ride his dirt bike up and down our street all day :(

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