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Those came out when I was a kid. People thought it was cool and fun to pour an insufficient amount of salt into a packet of crisps, then eat your still unsalted crisps. Have they made a return? I'll tell you what is old, finding £5, £10, or £20 notes in your pack of Walker's crisps. Why don't we get money in our junk food anymore? xD

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Imagine being a pleb and using --------------------.js :LZSwink:
--- Survival For RPGist Part 2 ---

Survivalist: Now,I going to Test you: Fishing with Spear
M.Spear Knight: Leave it to me.
(M.Spear Knight Spearing the Fish with His Battle Spear)
M.Spear Knight: How it is?
Survivalist: I know you did it,but...Is that the Spear for Battle,not for Fishing?
M.Spear Knight: But,is that same?
Survivalist: (Sigh)...Whatever
Hello I buyed RPG Maker VX Ace a long ago and I want to use it again but in the meantime I changed my pc but I lost the paper with my product key on so I can't use RPG maker again... someone can help me please ? or there is no hopes ?:'( ( I have a bad english I'm sorry )

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