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The Stranger
The Stranger
There's loads of dodgy and outright dangerous food and life hack videos on YouTube.
Meanwhile, somewhere, there is someone in the ER as they ate those strawberries...
The Stranger
The Stranger
Yeah, that's why I'm wondering why it exists in the first place. Seems like kind of a dangerous video. I guess they could say it's for entertainment purposes only, but then why is it included with other edible things? Why was it structured like a tutorial if they didn't want people to make them? Bleach, if it doesn't kill, can utterly destroy your insides.
People eat food with bleached flour, yet think nothing of it, and industrial Caramel Color is made with Ammonia. Of course nobody would ever mix Bleach and Ammonia *eats a slice of pizza while drinking a Coke*, that would just be weird. :LZSwink:
The Stranger
The Stranger
I once watched a show\documentary about people with strange habits. One woman, I think she lived somewhere in the States, was obsessed with bleach. So obsessed with it, that she'd even bathe in it until she'd feel burning. There was also a woman who ate, or chewed on, rocks.

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