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Haha pomegranate is actually called a 'grenade appel' in Dutch xD
The Stranger
The Stranger
Grenade appel is even better! Sounds like the name of a fizzy drink or something. Move aside apple Tango, it's time for grenade appel to shine.
Real fun starts when someone in the military makes an order mistake and they start throwing their lunch at the enemy instead of explosives lol!

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Just imagine, MZ got released while still on summer sale and they decided to discount their game. lol.
Now that I found an accessible composing software, all the melodies that only lived inside my head so far can come to life. I LOVE this.
Akemi14 wrote on Archeia's profile.
I'm sorry about my mistake of not messaging you about posting in Games in Development Rules and Guidelines. I'm still new on this forum but using RPG Maker for 3 years. Well it is in English language. Well, I just want to explained about the game and show them the demo. I promised, there is no inappropriate contain because I don't like that. What should I do?
Magic numbers are the devil.
So I was explaining to someone today that Magic (the Gathering) has advertised itself as a Trading Card Game (TCG) and a Collectable Card Game (CCG), but never a playing card game. Playing cards are what they use for stuff like Poker or Black Jack. So by playing Magic with the cards, they were in fact doing it wrong, and me trading the cards is a correct usage. :popcorn:

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