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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Right now they are being shaken primarily by media hysteria, I'm waiting to see what the stocks do once Covid/Corona officially breaks quarantine in the US and we start to see what tangible effects it has on international trade going forward and how our manufacturing base reacts to it.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Until then it's just gonna keep bouncing wildly from one extreme to the other most likely, because a lot of the 'reporting' that is driving the current wild spikes and dips are...partially disingenuous; to put it in a way that doesn't step over the rules for political discussions here.
I think most of it was due to happen though. Many US stocks flunked any test I could run on then as to if I should buy them and kept coming up too expensive. If they drop below the 2019 support line most will be back in the buy territory at least for that test, though some like Amazon are at 2x their actual value by most analysis.

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