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Windows i7
The virus is almost within my county of New York state. I'm not worried honestly. I'm more curious about how this is going to go over the next few days. I've never seen anything like this before.
ikr. i'm scared but I have to keep things going and everything organized. it's lonely. I feel I can only be myself when I am at home on my laptop on this forum. I can talk to people around the world and comfort them and tell them to stay strong. to tell them it's worth it. to be kind, to look after our family, friends, pets. Life is worth it.
(part 2) People coming together and ignoring hate speech and lies about the current situation. To give hope and faith that things can improve slowly. Maybe not next month, but people are trying damn it. Doctors, teachers, scientists, parents, shop owners, therapists.

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--- F.Mage Cooking ---

F.Mage: Hey,guys. i made dinner for you!
M.Fighter & Hero: (Shock) Dinner???
(F.Mage Put The Failed And Burnt Dishes Surrounded With Creepy Aura)
Hero: What the...???
F.Mage: It's Curry Rice,Fried Egg And Cakes. I hope you guys like my Dishes.
M.Fighter: Are you kidding me?
Is it true that when we hit 1 million posts, each of us gets 17,000 USD? Sorry if I'm not supposed to post this question here, but I can't find where to post it...
I slightly modified the hairstyle to get it in the right direction.
And apply a little lip
Am I up for another full-time day of game dev? Let's find out! Got coffee, got music; let's go!
The right kind of creativity is adding your flavoring and layering on tested and proven tropes, not tearing them down and rebuild things in your image. Just like how you don't cook eggs with a brick or a chainsaw, but instead learning on how to make your eggs look good and different than the other eggs.

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