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Windows i7
Windows i7
On the opposite end you have Final Fantasy which never should have dropped the turn based combat. Its not the same series anymore IMO.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
@Windows i7 On the other side you have the majority of the mainstream entertainment industry really. Last year especially.
Benny Jackdaw
Windows i7
Windows i7
@Benny Jackdaw Earth Defense Force. Its a really fun game involving killing large amounts of giant alien insects.
@Benny Jackdaw Imagine every single weird sci fi B movie trope... and then imagine you play a soldier in the Japanese army in a Godzilla movie... Except you're pretty powerful.

That's EDF. The gameplay is simplistic (shoot ants, aliens, robots, whatever, with powerful guns and rockets and weird weapons). The story is "over the top".

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Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars RPG Maker music pack WIP. Symphony Celestia is a new series that focuses on symphonic and orchestrated music to tell a story. Each story will include compositions that make up that story from beginning to end. Themes include: Battles, adventures, character themes, etc. Below is a video preview to the first story.

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It's ironic, but one of the many hilarious things done with Shia's Just Do It speech was to make a hype song, and....I know what it is.....but I still get inspired by it! I'm like..."Yes I can!!"
That moment when you realize you lost time frankenstiening a sprite together, only to realize it already exited.
My first game is going to have the main character more or less create monsters as his party members.

Thanks to the plugin creators still producing content for MV, I might be able to give each of the monster members a personalized range of tactics during combat. I liked how the devs made it like that in FF6.

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