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It's so much worse when you know you're supposed to lose the fight, but your character/party is so OP you have to take pity on the boss and kill yourself. :LZSwink:
The Stranger
The Stranger
@ImaginaryVillain Or you don't know you're meant to lose the fight, and waste all of your expensive healing items keeping your party alive.
Oh, I'm usually pretty good at just running the combat loop in my head to see if I would win or not based on the numbers. Then changing the loop if I would lose. But if the numbers just don't add up, I factor in if the enemy's numbers are grossly over mine out of nowhere. If so, I actually next level it by hitting my own people just assuming I'm supposed to lose. :LZSwink:
What would be good is if the Boss is really tough as if you're not meant to win the battle easily, but are rewarded with something cool if you manage to win anyway!

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