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Yes, hello, this is my kryptonite. I could have the best idea for a game I've ever gotten and mapping still stops me dead in my tracks.
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I'm working on the interiors now for this reason TT I can't map exteriors no matter how hard I try. The game is pretty small with a few locations but the town part... ugh
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@RCXDan I can only agree, if something stucks and annoy me is mapping, sadly, its has to be done u.u

@Hyouryuu-Na so... a lockdown game? no exteriors a.a

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Hey I used you bunny and cat spritesheet for a game jam game. Thanks so much! You have really beautiful stuff here. I'll credit you at https://gamedevjohn.itch.io/bunny-boy
The video of a psycho chasing people on the streets with a sword before getting subdued is wild. Apparent screenshots of his Twitter feed (EDIT: confirmed by Dallas police) before it went private reveal a dangerous delusional mindset. I heard there was a bow person too. The crazies are really coming out of the woodworks.
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Managed to find a way to hang a bed cover over my window. So no more being toasted alive in the afternoon!:kaoswt2:
So, uh, has anyone tried buying any resources from KokoroReflections? Because I've been looking for a 'buy' button on the site for like 10 minutes now and can't find one.

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