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That is true. I see some people in the game making just literally copy and paste of religion passages into their story and call it new original. At least, cover their track and claim to not relate to real world reference. After all, Michelangelo teach us about the Doctrine of Imitation. You will pay more.
It's called the Public Domain. Anything that is within the Public Domain can be used for fun and profit as one sees fit, so long as they do not claim that property as their own. If I recall correctly. There may be a bit more nuance to it.
I don't know if you can own the rights to a specific portrayal of, say, Dracula, but you do own the rights to an original work that happens to contain literal Dracula.
Handy guide for creators.
I read that as "hundreds of thousands years old" and I was like whoa that would be so cool.
Writing has only existed for less than 3% of the history of homo sapiens, imagine how incomprihensibly many stories and myths that have existed over the 200 000 years homo sapiens have existed that are just lost to time.

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Minecraft Dungeons is a great example of a game that's much simpler than other games in its genre but almost as equally immersive and fun to play. Lotta RPGmaker devs could learn from that lesson.
Well, it's been a while since the last time I came here... Is there a JS scripting FAQ? I'd like to know what it's capable of achieving, and how :rswt
I love the Time Fantasy tiles, but haven't played anything made with it yet. Can anyone recommend me something?
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