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Prices of some electronics skyrocketed due to this annoying pandemic, but maybe the seller put it intentionally because it's out of stock? Sometimes they do it.
Some people are trying to take advantage of the shortage of Switches atm. Anyone who waits a couple of months could probably get one easily at normal price.
I got really lucky and managed to purchase one at retail price on Best Buy when it was in stock for 20 minutes. It's nuts.
I hear they are sold out in parts of the world, hence the high prices. But honestly, I'll wait, I still got a backlog of ps3 and xbox360 and 3ds games to play that should tide me over until 2022 easily.
One of our local stores shows it being in stock, and their price is $20 less than the RRP listed by Nintendo. I'll give them a call when they're open to confirm, before making the hour round trip to go see. My son's been wanting one for a while and I was going to get it next month. Might have to grab it while we can.

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Long time no see. Is “put on and take off my hat readily” right or natural?
My English teacher said the "readily" is used wrongly here. But I am not sure. Thank you very much for answering my small question.
More: The context is: The hat was too tight to wear originally and modified to suit the head and now I'm trying on it.
--- Difficulty Affect: Price ---

(Very Easy Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle just cost 5G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: It cost 50G per item
M.Archer: Alright,i buy 50
(Very Hard Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle cost 100G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: 5G
M.Archer: (Mouth Bleeding)
Finding synonyms for 'Crystal' is a bit awkward, because the thesaurus occasionally thinks I'm talking about drugs.
"Today I will totally open up RPG Maker and work on my game. I have lots of ideas!"

End of day spoiler: It didn't happen.
years later and I still couldn't get over the fact that Konami killed P.T. and Silent Hills. Oh so much potential for a new modern classic horror.

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