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There are all sorts of roof parts on tilesheet C, not only on tilesheet D. But there's no way anyone can give a detailed answer in an update with a character limit.
Thanks! I was literally trying to recreate the scene shown in the packs sales screenshots. I used Unity, a stupid lot - and the layer system in their tilemap system is a bit different. I can’t get my head around the order in which to paint. Like ok ground tiles, then exterior house, then roof... I’m doing a bunch of searches to figure out proper order

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Why keyboards don't sleep? Because they have two shifts.
I realized a while ago my game was toooo big in scope. even now I wonder am I trying to do too much by myself. and that's after completely changing the format of the game.
Last week at SLC. Cali awaits. TBH I love SLC more than SF.
Back home now. I had a good time, but I had a checkup this morning so I had to come home for that. Now I'm just waiting for my therapist meeting tomorrow...
Decided to work on Wishful Wanda today. Since it's a BFB spinoff game, I decided to make the Huang brothers
Easter eggs! I'm actually pitching this to the BFDI team, btw.

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