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Haha, Remember that you can't please everyone. There will always be people who like it or dislike it, regardless of any game.
Always listen to feedback but never take it as gospel and always consider the person giving it. Good feedback is not to tell you not to make a certain Choice but to inform you on the choices you make and what they might mean to the reviewer and those like them.
Yes you were hard on my game review. Thank you for the review I like all types of reviews. No sugar coating.
@LVGames I didnt want to be hard or unfair on my review, it's just because you already got so many positive feedback I didn't want to repeat them and just tell you what you can do better. Your game is great!

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 …So I was looking at a question someone had asked and did some related experimentation. Apparently the Jump… movement route command works like the ultimate through. Including letting you move around outside the confines of the map entirely. o_O
Okay so today I heard the dumbest theory I have heard in a loooooooong while. It's so stupid I just have to share... Appearantly I have learned to draw 'hot chicks' so that 'real men' get physically excited by looking at it and I can then swoop in and 'turn' them.... Wow... Just... Amazing how some brains works...
What the writer wrote: "The curtain is blue."
The readers: "There must be a hidden meaning behind this, perhaps to convey the character emotions ...".
What the writer has in mind: "The curtain is frickin' blue".
Time to share something!

I made these a while ago for my game. I took reference from various huts in Africa.
Have a great night! :D
I really need to buy a new mouse. Mine's keeps double-clicking and makes me waste A LOT of time eventing

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