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Speak for yourself. I insist all the time that I am remarkably stupid. Like in a way that's at least worth mentioning. And I always get 'No, don't say that' or 'You aren't dumb!'. People can't even admit others are fallible, half the time. But there are plenty of us that are honest with ourselves.
Are you saying there's infallibly self aware people? Isn't saying you're truly honest with yourself in itself naïve? :b

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I love the Time Fantasy tiles, but haven't played anything made with it yet. Can anyone recommend me something?
Vote for what I show more indepth on Twitter tomorrow from the MZ default resources
Oh look, 12 more free Daz3D models. *adds them to his collection * Yes, the fools... Give it a few months and my collection will be crazy, all without paying a dime. I still have no idea if I'll ever learn the software, but hey... Just in case, these models are quite expensive. In two weeks, they've already given me almost $400 worth of free models. :LZSexcite:
Not easy to find DS resources, is it? I need to make a good compilation thread linking to all the artists that do DS...
Spent a whole evening planning Stats, Animations, Abilities of 24 different weapons.. Only to realize I was just Bloating the Game. In the end i decided to stick with only 6.

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