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I didn't know that but makes sense in actual. I watched countless animal documentaries and kept wondering how they were able to film them so up close.

Are you really sure that robotic spy humans don't exist already?
Maybe not in that physical form but they are totally a thing.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Yep, here's an example of one:

I love how the animals are really confused by these things at first. lol.
I don't know if robotic spy humans exist. Maybe you're a robotic spy... maybe I am. I do sometimes see things no one else can; perhaps they're errors and glitches in my system. xD
Amazing, they were probably trying to sniff it to see if it's edible, since they probably can smell that it's not one of them. Nature is a scary but fascinating thing.

And they sure do.
Robotic spy humans are commonly known as Governments, lol.
I should probably get back to work on my "Skynet" plugin then. Listen, I'm not saying I want the machines to win... But I have it on good authority that the finest slave pits will be reserved for those who aided them. :kaopride:

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Currently without internet due to storm damage and most of our state is devastated. No idea how long I'll be unable to log onto here, but I'll answer questions as soon as I can.
This is supposed to be pso2 photon blast inspired animation
I'm sure this question's been asked before, but I can't find an answer: is there any way to run the Steam version of RPGMaker *without* being logged into Steam? It's a frustrating extra step sometimes.
Been seeing bright flashes in the sky for a while, and thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Nope! Lightning. Now it's raining heavily. Seeing lightning, but not hearing thunder, is weird.
Small Update for myself:
>Two Dungeon maps are done, Dungeon 3 is in progress. Dungeon 4 needs work.
>4 characters set up out of a possible 6 but those come later.
>Hub area needs work.
>Game completion..., 20-25% maybe?

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