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The Stranger
The Stranger
I feel like we need some epic music and an ending cinematic telling us that the age of MV has ended, and now we enter a new era.
My notification is popping up every minute. People look at the forums like it is marketing campaigns. If the maker is ready, it will be. It is like the end of world. So we will stop the game making.
@Touchfuzzy said he didn't want to spoiling us. Looking at the forum, it will not come us faster.:LZSangel: If I do not talk down to people, I am sure people cry when new makes comes.
a new "What is your fave RPG Maker?" thread coming up, now featuring the new RPG Maker in the thread poll.
The Stranger
The Stranger
@TheoAllen My favourite RPG Maker is the new one, because I know nothing about it, not even its name, and I'm just a sucker for mystery. :p

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I made a giant tree + treehouse for the next country woods pack \o\
Calculated my tax refund - CHEERS
Looked at my student debt - cries
Still, might be just enough left over to pay for my new computer, which would be awesome!
And my student debt will be fully paid, which is also pretty nice.
They say nice guys finish last. But mean guys don't finish at all!
I keep forgetting how much I hate how VX-MV implements fences and autotile tables.
Big 10:40 composition of mine! I'll be using this for a big city in my current project! This track is huge, and took me one entire month of full time work to complete. If you want more info, like on the lyrics, check out this thread.

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