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Wait... You made a generator that you gave to them for free, and now you want to make another one? You sir are like 1,000x nicer than I am, maybe 10,000x. :kaoback:
@ImaginaryVillain haha yes, because my vision is a JRPG that is entirely random made. I just don't know how many people would have a random worldmap in their game because.. eh.. wouldn't it be weird to play a FInal Fantasy with a random world? And for me it's a huge difference if I program for myself or if I make a highly customizable plugin with tutorials etc.
Actually FF randomizers do exist, of course they're not truly random, they're just reorganizing events in the game. A completely random JRPG though would be interesting. Honestly the biggest problem I forsee isn't really creating a random world, that's not that hard.... It's making enough interesting randomized content to make people not hate their lives. You'd need a random quest creator....
to basically just assembles pieces of quests in different ways. An intriguing proposition to be sure. Oh I will help you out by letting you know the greatest difficulty I've encountered. It's actually Javascript's single core architecture. Turns out the larger the world, the larger the dump Javascript will place on a single core which causes nasty lag spikes. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheUnproPro

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What the writer wrote: "The curtain is blue."
The readers: "There must be a hidden meaning behind this, perhaps to convey the character emotions ...".
What the writer has in mind: "The curtain is frickin' blue".
Time to share something!

I made these a while ago for my game. I took reference from various huts in Africa.
Have a great night! :D
I really need to buy a new mouse. Mine's keeps double-clicking and makes me waste A LOT of time eventing
How come there's no spooktober game jam? I thought horror maker games were some of the most popular genre out there...
"I didn't know X song was about that!" Uh... why? Do you not listen to the lyrics? I mean, I guess that makes sense. We live in a world where nobody listens, but everyone wants to be heard.

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