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Wow, yikes. Be safe out there. Hopefully you can get it repaired and fortified.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Is that the door to your home? Burglars, man - f*ck 'em. Looks like they were trying to remove the lock completely. How much will it cost to have that repaired?
Oh it's my business office. I rent one in a building of eight offices. So the landlord is covering that cost, and getting flood lights. But I have some amount of valuable assets here... Granted I take a lot of it with me each night, still if this area isn't safe... There needs to be less assets here. Just whatever fits in the safe. So I'm liquidating extra assets for a bit to mitigate potential future losses.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Probably a wise course of action. In my last job, we used to store cash in a safe built into the floor. Was only a small thing, but I thought it was cool. lol.

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