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I feel happy that I finally did it, without any help. But at the same time I feel exhausted and want to cry because it was such a stupid mistake and took me so long to figure it out. All along, I was thinking i.left = img.width * 0.5; can't be what's causing the error!
I really know that feeling. Sometimes I ask for a friend of mine to take a look. But only when I'm about to crash xD
But it sucks. But when we solve it, it really makes me happy or at least not sad. But this process hurts xD
I pretty much program everything in Visual Studio Code and it points out a lot of my stupid errors. The big problem is when I script something directly into MV.... So many stupid mistakes. :kaoswt: So I find errors by putting console.logs at various points in my code to see where stuff is breaking.
I think my biggest problem is that I'm doing js in a html page, so out of the familiar context of MV, where I can't use all the same image/bitmap functions that MV gives me.

Now to make 10 backups and expand its functionality ...
@Eliaquim it's amazing how quickly the issue can be found when someone else casts their eye over it. I wasn't far from asking for assistance.
Coding outside of MV is a trip. I tried to start using JS workers to do the heavy lifting and realized just how reliant I am on MV's assorted codes. The same was true while I was moonlighting with just PIXI. It's like exploring some strange new land. You're off the edge of the bitmap now mate, here there be code monsters. :LZSwink:
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so, so true!

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