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The Stranger
The Stranger
You could do that, or you could just carry on using the pretty FSM stuff. I mean, will you be trying to recreate what's already in the FSM packs anyway?
I would not be recreating what's in the FSM packs if I did that, if anything I would have to add custom content to it if I carried on. If I hand drew everything I doubt it would look like pixel art at all, more painted. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm really good with ink and pencil, so it would have a distinct feel.
I began creating isometric materials last year for my game because of my husband's insistence, but dropped off because I felt I did not have the right inspiration for sprawling stone cities and wasn't sure how to do whole environmental maps. That and I feel my coloring skills are sub-par if I'm honest, like nothing wow, but I can color like its an 90s cartoon or blend it in when the RTP faces no prob.
The Stranger
The Stranger
If you make everything for your game it'd look great, and your colouring wouldn't matter as much because it'd match everything else. It all depends on whether you want to create every little thing from scratch.

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Recent threads, and my very poor algorithm for my minimap plugin have made me face the fact that I need to review algorithms and such.

Going through Cracking the Coding Interview now. I am so excited.
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Add fog of war
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Any suggestions? :kaoblush:

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