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A lot of people see different views as hostile, and are unable to understand that it's ok to disagree. I've even heard people say they find it offensive when people say 'agree to disagree'. I dunno, it takes all kinds so, I guess it takes those folks, too.
I constantly feel like im offending people for just trying to state my own preferences or viewpoint. Granted, I could probably word things better sometimes, but im sure everyone could if they took an extra minute to think. :LZSangel:

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Designing patches that can 'augmented' to clothing based armor. Such good fun. A bit time consuming due to the need to create image displays, but the patches are limited so it's not too tiring.
Note: lol, posting this made me find a couple mistakes.
Why VX/VX Ace is a little Neglected?
This little slime tower defence game is really coming together nicely :)
So I have a lighter work schedule next week. Is that a sign to move on to MZ?
I got a new rpg idea yesterday, titled "The Hero We Summoned to Save Us is a War Criminal from our Past?!"

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