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Ohh little kittens with no mommy will need to be bottle fed, most pet shops have some kind of kitten formula. TBH the best thing would be if any shelters or independent homes have a nursing cat that will take the kitten in. My kitty Biggs was found the same way, and my other kitty Belle's mother accepted him into her litter
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It's also best to put them in an area where they can't climb and fall, or get lost underneath stuff or worse, crushed by something. They're super fragile but super curious, shortly after those cute little eyes open that kitty will be on the move!
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Gotta love when RM just decides it's done with existence and closes when you're in an event.
Good grief am I ever so dusty on music creation. Never move, gentleman and ladies!
After waiting for several months to observe the results of vaccines, I finally decided to go for Comirnaty, because now my job needs me to either be vaccinated or take a regular testing every 2 weeks(240 HKD per test), and it seems to me that Comirnaty is safe enough in my case :)
So, to create multiple faces one needs to first export, then import, over and over... who came up with this weird mechanism...
Away from home now since it reduce COVID spread

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