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What software are you messing with?
it pixel game maker mv
buy it from steam sale
I want to make action game
so... keep push rpg maker to do it is so try...
Ah, I was looking at that. If I wasn't so engrossed in MV I'd probably mess with it. How's it working for you?
well... it superior over rm in action game
and have a lot of customize able in tiles and sprite
there are no limit of size proportion layer etc and that's cool
but yes it have it disadvantage it focus on pixel
so it don't have multiply or additive screen blending
that's make it hard to make natural light effect
and the program is a little bit advance curve
you need to create thing from scratch think more programming
but the more you learn the more option you can get than mv
the tool is so powerful just look more scary haha...
but it's not that hard there are understandable gui to help
and good sample tutorial project
for me it very good... I wish I try to get out of rm comfort zone earlier...
That's entirely fair, RM was never meant for action. It takes so many plugins and coding to make it do what that does out of the box. Then again they never really touted it as an action game engine... Us action people are just doing it wrong. :LZSwink:
yes... but I still miss rm in plugin
pgmv is still new and can't find many good plugin haha
That was kind of what I saw when I looked at it. The community was very weak for it, and I just imagined what MV would be like without the community. Which is why I didn't look super far into Pixel Game Maker.
well... actually the program itself cover most of the general plugin in rm do
so the problem is some advance thing like lighting that even in rm it still a problem
and surprising the pgmv discord is very active and helpful
they work so hard to keep community survive
now only problem is
it look scary like unreal or unity blue print haha...
but I already try them
and this is never hard like them
I suggest you load free demo and try it
Baz work a series of good detail beginner tutorial
(but... too detail for me haha... I'm kind of sleepy to watch)
he the one that make me convince to get pgmv
if this guy around there are hope :kaojoy:

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