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The Stranger
I don't like how tables erase carpet autotiles unless you use shift mapping. What don't you like about them?
For tables it's the counter marker, actually. Things marked as a counter are drawn in a really crazy way that only works for the way the RTP is drawn, if you want to do something different with it, it'll completely break the drawing. As a tileset artist I find it really, really frustrating.
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um... why didn't anyone tell how easy it is to add motions to Sideview battlers? I literally copied the last one, changed the name and index, said where it should play, and boom... I've got intro motions.
Lately when I listen to 1970s songs, I always think that the "real world" is still at mid 70s. What we experience now is a futuristic dream. With this point of view, even 80s and 90s looks super futuristic. :D

The GIF of this seemed too cool to bury in replies. :LZSwink:
You may have slept with my aunt... but, given the circumstances, cheers.

- Professor Ian Duncan, 2013

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