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Break it down into actionable tasks that only take a few minutes each, then only focus on a few at a time. Usually people who are overwhelmed are either looking too much at the big picture or don't have a clear idea of what's ahead other than "a lot".
I get the same feeling all the time (you might actually know about that a little bit :rhappy: ). Sharm has the right idea though. For me, I often feel overwhelmed at just how many little things I have to get done, but then immediately feel relieved after finishing a few tasks and realizing most of those little things take much less time than I thought they would.
It has to do with the way the human brain works. When you don't know something, your mind fills in the gaps with the worst possible outcome. This is so you can prepare for it, but the fear of the worst gets in the way too. The way to combat that is by making the unknown into something known or planned for.
Yeah! Totally right.. I miss the count of how many times I have to remember this. Sometimes my eyes are just on the big picture and lost sight of the little things. Thanks for the words people! I'm will try to make little by little now.

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