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The Stranger
The Stranger
Not really. Kinda on the fence about it. Might buy it eventually, though.
I'd rather have MV Ace than MZ, but I guess it's too late for that wish xD
The improvements to MZ are really good, but too niche to appeal to a mass audience. Regular users have no reason to upgrade from MV because the improvements made ignore their main concerns and fix niche things instead (things most of them will hardly notice or interact with). They're leaving some easy, obvious shortcomings from MV in place that would make any MV user JUMP at the upgrade.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Don't plan on buying it right away, but definitely downloading trial(assuming it will be available) to check out the code base, a programmers curiosity is impossible to disobey lol Other than that I haven't been super impressed with the annoucnments, many of the features can be easily done with MV with a few plugins which I will most definitely make. MV has a lot of life left in it.

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Kirby, Disgaea prinnies, creepers, Sonic, Mario, DQ slimes, pikachu (all starters), chocobos.

You see what I'm saying.
Getchu one.
Made a video showcasing a plugin that changes the animation rate for animated tiles in our games.

(Plugin by Caethyril )
I guess if you're just going solo dev, minimize features is better choice.
As close as possible, now I draw all of them with little by little needle sticking.
Welp, back to the drawing board...

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