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Philosophus Vagus
This is why I have alternates of my games, one edition to have all of the plugins, one with the bare minimum I'm sure I'll use and have tested for stability, and one that was plug-in less where I kept all the maps and database entries and such that ended up redundant with the second one and woefully untouched but seemed like a good idea at the time.

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currently listening to Driftwood Gaming streaming some MZ dev time and it's delightful! had no idea they were this entertaining, love it
In quarantine, will be tested soon. This year is really something... special.
I was at another orientation yesterday and I realized I'll be working with an old friend! We met at the local water park a few years back and it was so nice to see her again! We had a chat, and next week when I officially start, I'll see if maybe we can trade our Zoom IDs so we can talk!
I made some sideview closets for MV!
You can find them in my MV resource thread.

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