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The Stranger
The Stranger
Sucks for people who learn how to code by looking at scripts, or for those who simply want to edit them.
nio kasgami
nio kasgami
yeah I know. but after people stealing code non stop was a problem

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I like that update notices for RPG Maker MZ are being sent via email . . . I often forget to check from within the program. :smile:
Long time no see. Is “put on and take off my hat readily” right or natural?
My English teacher said the "readily" is used wrongly here. But I am not sure. Thank you very much for answering my small question.
More: The context is: The hat was too tight to wear originally and modified to suit the head and now I'm trying on it.
--- Difficulty Affect: Price ---

(Very Easy Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle just cost 5G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: It cost 50G per item
M.Archer: Alright,i buy 50
(Very Hard Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle cost 100G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: 5G
M.Archer: (Mouth Bleeding)
Finding synonyms for 'Crystal' is a bit awkward, because the thesaurus occasionally thinks I'm talking about drugs.
"Today I will totally open up RPG Maker and work on my game. I have lots of ideas!"

End of day spoiler: It didn't happen.

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