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I imagine in the weird cutesy monster world we have going on around the profile posts, these are the ones forced to the shadows, the deep underbelly of monster city. Horribly oppressed by the evil regime of the insipidly cute, cupcake hoarding, Winged Slimes and their adorable legions. :kaoback:

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Feeling like my new profile picture is nice. Thinking of making it semi-permanent, does any one has an opinion? Does it look too evil or does it work as a public profile picture? :)
My washing machine is a supernatural being. I lost a piece of clothing in there a month ago; searched up and down, inside other clothes, nothing. It just vanished.
Today, put in a new load. When I pull it out, the missing clothing is back! And a sock was sacrificed in the process :yswt2:
thought I'd upgrade to mz from mv cause of the nice quality of life features but ****ing hell why couldn't they allow old plugins to work in it and secondly how come in over a year since it's release has there been no mz version of something so crucial as a non grid based movement plugin. I guess I'll stick with mv. (why wasnt mz just an update to mv anyway literally nothing substantial changed..)

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