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Isn't that basically all of the threads that are ever there? :LZSwink:
The Stranger
The Stranger
Yeah, Steam discussions tend to be circle jerks of two flavours. The first will do nothing but praise the game, attacking anyone who dares criticise it. The second will relentless attack the game, demanding refunds after playing for longer than 2 hours, will accuse devs of all sorts of nonsense, and will dogpile any who try to defend the game. Either way, it's always toxic.

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I haven't been on here in forever wow(missed my forum birthday T-T). Anyways, I'm dabbling in BGMs, here's something I'm actually willing to share.

Binge-watched 6 episodes of the Erased anime... And that means I've watched half of it?! Sigh...
I'm bad at base-building games (looking at other players created an aesthetically beautiful base compared to me), but IDK why I keep playing the game and seek more of it.
Pyra and Mythra in smash ultimate are way too OP. They're basically Smash 4 Bayonetta 2.0, and not in a good way. Very toxic and unfair. At least they're hot tho.
attack on titan keep reaching a new height with each episode, aaa I can't wait another week for a new episode at this point

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