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Black Pagan
Black Pagan
I just hope I can run it on my Current PC which is an i3 540 @ 3.07 GHz with 6GB RAM :(
I'm hoping I can win one from Tea and Drifty, because if not, it might be years before I can get it, like the other RPG Makers I have. Sounds better so I hope it's easier to use as well

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I'm finally back! :kaojoy:
A lot of RL issues happened this year which didn't let me work on Aithne as much, but I am back with new inspiration!
In that time my art style also changed a little, so I'll be doing a small art change with busts/menu art
Ops forgot to fix the hand on the weaponless sprite o_O
opening old GIMP files is a blessing and a curse because it can be fun to look at art you started once upon a time and want to finish BUT come to a total halt when you remember your past self forgot to create separate layers for most files
"The bigger the person, the longer the wait"

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