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Richard John S
Richard John S
Catherine is one of the main heroes of Erthia. Her personality is calm, mature, and caring. In the scene above, she's happy to see that Maximus, her childhood friend, has returned home to their home city, Felicia. He's been gone for a while to fulfill his training to become a paladin. Catherine is a cleric. Her dreams are to become a high priestess and do good in the world of Erthia.
Richard John S
Richard John S
Two new classes are added to the game, Necromancer and Summoner. Some changes have been made. Light magic is now celestial magic with some new spells, and body and mind magic have been merged with sprit magic for cleric based spells. For more details and for the most latest updates please visit the LOE: Armageddon FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thelegendoferthia/
The Stranger
The Stranger
Looks great! The character art is amazing. <3

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