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Huh, are you actually changing the tiles to reveal the map? Or is it just a lighting thing? Kind of had me curious when I saw the sudden FPS drops, like a lot of calculations are going on behind the scenes.
Hi! The fps drops are probably because of the screen recorder. While I'm playing it stays at 60 fps.
No, I'm not changing tiles. The plugin creates a dark sprite for each tile(that are marked with a region), and when the player is getting close, the sprite hides.
Ah that's an interesting way to do it. You know you could probably achieve a much more rounded natural effect with a lighting plugin and just turning on lights if the player is within a certain distance of them. But turning them off again if they're off the screen. That's basically what I do with my game, except I despawn/spawn them based on the player's position.
I know what you are talking about, but this plugin is not about a light plugin. It's a try to replicate something like Fatal Labyrinth
The thing with this system is really revealing spots and leave them revealed after the player walks in there. The distance(in tiles) can be adjusted by variables.
I think a rounded effect can apply if it is not related by tile per tile. I have tried it here and it looks weird, at least for revealing instantly. But when I turn to reveal gradually, it looks better. But it really gets better if it is not tile by tile.

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