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The Stranger
The Stranger
CNN has an article on it, as does Fox and something called abc. Apparently, the 25 year old man has been charged with first degree murder.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Not to undercut Hinnant, but he is one of 18 children murdered since the riots broke out, and due to the physiology of the purpetrators not one of their lives mattered enough to report on. American media is a dangerous tabloid at this point, deliberately amplifying some incidence and minimizing the rest to sow racial animosity and inflame hatred for political gains.
@The Stranger why don't you take a look at when they reported it, and when it happened? They had to be called out multiple times before they reported it. And yeah, you tend to get charged with murder when you shoot people in the head. @Philosophus Vagus it's hard to tally up when it's the media is too afraid to report it for the DUMBEST reasons.
The media also failed to report on my state getting devistated by a severe storm, one major city still has no power, cell service or anything. They FINALLY said a little today after they got called out on it by everyone who still had internet in the rest of the state.

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