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The Stranger
Glad I'm not the only one seeing this. Thought something was wrong with my browaser. It's asking for a password and stuff. lol.
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When a youtuber plays your project or game made by you using MAKERs, you will just be awe struck
Ok... so working on the official game guide for my game and its more than 150 pages...... wow. Well, I hope it will help a few players out.
RPG Maker Games Critique with Studio Blue, Episode 12: Amneron's Legacy starts now! Watch on Youtube and join the chat as we explore the world of Ellis!
Lost track of a huge brazilian wandering spider inside my house. In other news, I'm moving again.

Currently working on the second protagonist's story and her companion, making good progress. But I am looking forward to return to my other protagonist and continue his story and have him joined by a new companion. :)

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