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Yanfly saved the RM scene on countless occasions and gave us 200 plugins for MV alone, forgetting the Makers before it. Archeia and I ran ReStaff for several years before we became too busy, helping to distribute thousands of free resources to needy devs without recompense. We also delivered several other free projects in our minimal spare time, in an attempt to help the community.
And now it feels like everyone has forgotten all that, and "VisuStella" has become this almighty name that's dividing the opinions of a whole community? Please just treat us like people. That's all we are, and we're trying our best to keep the RM community alive. <3
(This isn't intended as a conversation starter, so please don't comment with opinions/questions. This is just something that's been bothering me.)
Even I only come here and there and ask for help, I appreciate what you guys are doing for the RM community. It's one of only community I feel at home.

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Working on a Patch to integrate AlphaABS into random generated Dungeons. Was a bit tricky, but the outcome is a real Life Changer!!

Will release it the next days!
Been pretty busy... but I got a better headset for recording and listening today. Dad says that he'll consider taking me to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time once I finish summer classes (my final semester!) I'll be taking my plushie friends with me: Bendy, Lolbit, and Helen Henny. (I WUV PLUSHIES!)
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My only regret is the portal mirror effect is too subtle to show up in these GIFs. It probably just needs more sparkles. :LZSwink:
Microsoft: Hey, let's waste money advertising the Xbox Series X when nobody has any in stock, we don't seem to be making more, we aren't taking preorders and you can't get on a waiting list. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

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