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Honestly? The best way to do it is to playtest test test.

There's a lot of people out there who are happy to help with that, if you ask. Not sure if there's a thread around here for it, but I'm sure a quick search will pull something up. But yeah, testing is the way to go.
Some tips though!
- Healing should heal more than a normal enemy can take off you x2-3 (for low healing).
- Money dropped by one pack of enemies should be able to cover the cost of at least half your item healing spent for the battle.
- Trash mobs shouldn't hit more than 50% of your life. The more in a group, the less damage they should do.
- Never, ever, ever use full-party autokills (like, say, paralysis).
General rule of thumb, though, is that if an enemy is hard for you, it's gonna be a lot harder for the player because they don't know the optimal strategy for taking it down.
There really is no magical formula. Playtest until it feels right.
If possible have someone else playtest as well.

If you have a favorite RPG, play it again.
Study the difficulty.
At the very beginning how many hits does it take to KO an enemy?
What attacks do they use?
Do that throughout the game.
If an enemy appears towards the middle of your game, study mid game enemies of the RPG you are playing.
If an enemy appears towards the middle of your game, study mid game enemies of the RPG you are playing.
Pay attention and then playtest your game until it feels similar.
Keep equipment stats in mind as well.
Do that and you'll have a place to start at least.
From there just fine tune it until it feels right to you.

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