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Cultural differences are so neat! Over here in North America, yellow is a colour often associated with cowardice, although I'm not sure why.
Random fact: some lady out there in internet-land accidentally dyed her cat yellow when using turmeric to treat a fungal infection on the animal (which does apparently work). A yellow cat is surprisingly adorable.
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Yeah, thats why they translated Murder she wrote in La Signora in Giallo (The Lady in Yellow).
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I can't believe that after all those years, KH Union X Dark Road is closing the services.

Due to a situation in which I thought plugin adaptations had stopped for the QPlugins, I "ghetto" converted these 7 over yesterday. They appear to work perfectly as long as you use old style plugin commands. I am uncertain if I will have a lot of free time in the future to work on this, but if you'd like them, here they are.
Was there a thread that you could share a screenshot of your game? I feel like I found it once but can't locate it again.

I was being lazy and just copied a map to test a new parallax, but I forgot to delete all the events. This was the result. :o
just finished a bunch of art commissions! im really grateful for this community- people have helped me out so much here- so im just trying to return the favor the only way i know how! :0)

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