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A fair few, no doubt. For some, having the last word is what wins them the argument. They think they've beaten their opponent into submission, silenced them, when in reality they've done nothing of the sort.
At some point debating just became arguing. People are more concerned with yelling louder than the other person, and calling them names until they stop talking, versus actually convincing them. I guess those people don't realize that by doing that, all they've done is strengthen the person's stance against them.
Which when you think about it means the they actually lose the argument in the most spectacular way possible... But failing to prove their point is valid based on logic, and by cementing the other person as opposition. They've not only looked the fool, but made the other side stronger. :LZSwink:
One day you'll reach that joyfull state when you don't even start debating with people.
Eh, I'm already there now. I've mostly reached the state of how much are you going to pay me to listen? I'll entertain anybody's stance for the right amount of money. :LZSwink:
Ah yes the "you're not participating anymore so you must be the loser" effect.

I know exactly one person that acts like this and he's 14 years old. An actual adult that does this is just shameful.

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