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What make your audios plugin special? You play the music at once or you focus on the clarify of the sound.
BGS volume varies depending on the position to the source and the panning too. Do you have stereo audio on your system?
I have the stereo audio on my desktop. Can you give me examples, please? I am still confused about the concept.
Listen carefully to the audio of the video while watching. The audio pans from left to right depending on the player's position to the source. Also, the closer to the source, the higher the volume, and the further away from the source the quieter the bgs. Also, it adds multiple BGS and BGM at the same time, which is not possible by default in RPG Maker (you can usually only have 1 BGS at the same time).
@MushroomCake28, thank you for making the plugin. That would make the sound transition more climatic for sure. Like travel from a busy street into the house.

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