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The Stranger
You should at least make the effort to jot down the main points and how they all connect. Your head isn't a very good way to store this sort of information. It forgets things, muddles stuff up, misplaces other things - it's like a faulty hard drive. Also, things have a funny way of sounding better, or as if they'll work to begin with, inside your own head, but suddenly make no sense at all outside of it.

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Doing RPG Maker News #17 | MZ Plugins in MV? Workstations, Fantasy Rings, Dark Office Battlebacks
Progress on one of my projects has been slow, but I'm at a spot now where I feel like sharing the four main characters.

From left to right we have: Amabel, Tibby, Dusty, and Wren.

I'm in a much better mood about my game than I was 2-3 days ago. I keep switching between sideview and front because of the amount of assets needed for side (I'm drawing it all myself)... but I've decided to stick with front, for my own sanity. sidenote... people, planning is important. I've spent so long on just getting my game's ideas off the ground because I didn't plan ahead.

"Fight me."
I'll finally wash my clothes today!

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