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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Is this another one of those psychological tests? *looks it up and takes it since it doesn't really take time to do* swing and a miss for me. I got hysteric. Maybe 10% of the explanation at most described me, and even that's a stretch. These tests never seem to peg me right though, even the actual in depth ones.

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Wow.... My last map GIF got 47 likes, 16 retweet and 2,105 views on Twitter in 24 hours. My game thread here's only got 3k views in 6-7 months. I guess building my Twitter was insanely worth it. :LZSexcite:
working hard working hard working hard >:)
Do you have an audio you want me to animate? If so send me the youtube link and I’ll animate it.
Okay, so I'm working on Draft 2 of my game's script.
Will try to keep you guys posted, if you're interested!

This is vid of my new game, Crystalgazers. A demo is available on my Gamejolt

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